Let your journey with us begin

All of our plans are both 100% tailored to and individualized for the athlete. We build the program around your race goals, long-term objectives, current strengths and weaknesses, available training times and resources.

If life throws up some changes, we will help incorporate those changes into your program in order to maximize your gains without leading to more lifestyle stress. And while we can help with your short-term goals, we believe that a solid, long-term relationship between an athlete and their coach is the way to see the biggest performance gains.

We have numerous plans available so, whatever your training needs, you will find a plan to fit you.

Your Training Tilt App

Once you start your Endurance Rebel Coaching journey, we’ll provide you with a username and password for our Training Tilt environment. Available on both desktop and mobile app, your Training Tilt dashboard is where you’ll find everything from your weekly training schedule and a list of your upcoming events to exclusive coach hints, tips, recipes and articles.

You can upload your sessions here and leave comments which your coach may react and respond to directly in-tool.

Already use Training Peaks?

If you already use Training Peaks and don’t want to lose years of data, you can easily sync your existing Training Peaks and your new Training Tilt account. Your TT workouts will pull through to TP automatically; and when you upload sessions to TP, your coach will be able to see them through TT.


Your Tools

We can work with any tools and any resources you have.

Whether you have your own 50m pool, or have to fit your swim into a lunchtime session at the local sports center; the home trainer is a wonderful way to improve your cycling engine, but if the great outdoors is all you’ve got, that’s fine too.

Equally, sessions can be given in terms of perceived exertion or time for beginner athletes, heart rate and GPS data works well and goes a long way for more advanced endurance athletes, and we love working with power meters and think they offer one of the best training tools around.

We’ll discover what tools, resources and access you have to train and race with and we’ll create your programs around those.

The Rebel Manifesto

Endurance Rebel is about the power of the individual. We stand for a healthy, balanced lifestyle that leads to lifelong consistency and – ultimately – a faster, longer endurance racing career.

It’s not for everyone. If you need to be blinkered and beaten, and want to make your life work around your training, you should look elsewhere. Strength, health, mobility, consistency, recovery and repetition are our mantras… as well as working damn hard when the time comes!

Follow your heart

If Kona is the dream, we’d love to help you get there. If you just want to lose a few kilos and have fun in the great outdoors, we’ll help you do that too. We believe in following your heart no matter where it leads.

Healthy is better than faster

We’re in it for the long haul and here to make sure our athletes train hard, race fast, recover well and are ready to go again.

Play more

It’s way too easy to take endurance sports too seriously. At ERC, we believe that endurance sports should be a part of a full and fulfilling life, they should not define it.

Who cares what everyone else thinks?

Endurance sports are full of people doing the same old things. They’re scared of change and stick to what they know. We think there’s a different way. We’re not afraid of trying new and different approaches in order optimize training, performance and lifestyle.

Race until you puke

We believe in sensible, long-term progression. However, when it comes to race day (and some of the key sessions in the build up), put it all out there and have no regrets. But you shouldn’t feel that way after every training session. Recovery and rest are key to great improvements and we believe if you’re not fit to train well, you’re better served by spending time with family and friends.

Forget about the competition

Endurance sports are about personal journeys – the other people on the start line are on a different path to you. You can only be responsible for your own performance and no matter how hard you try, you can’t affect anyone else’s performance. Stick to what you can control and own it. No excuses.

Question everything

Never leave the house without knowing what a session is for. What is its purpose and how does it fit into the larger goal? What is the key part of the session? We build educated, smart, driven athletes. Not robots.

Leave your comfort zone as often as possible

Ironman triathlete? Why not train for a sprint or a 5k run event? Olympic distance guy or girl? You should do an obstacle race or a trail run. Life is for enjoying, not just clocking up M-dot finisher t-shirts. We guarantee the more variety you add, the faster you’ll end up going. And we’ll build your programs around that philosophy.

Are you ready?