Holistic Triathlon & Endurance Sports Coaching

You’re not looking for a coach. You’re looking to go faster and be healthier in the most efficient way possible. You’re looking to do that in a way that is productive and sustainable. You want a long and rewarding racing and training career. That’s where Endurance Rebel Coaching comes in.

For us, simplicity is king. Good coaching removes all additional stresses and complications from an athlete’s life, letting you focus on enjoying the training, recovery and, of course, racing.

Rebel Coaching offers 100% custom training plans, created to match your level, objectives, lifestyle and budget. We work with the time and tools you have to create programs that work on weaknesses, highlight strengths and will produce your best race performances to date – whether you’re training for sprint triathlons, Ironman, marathons, ultra marathons or long distance swims.

Our holistic philosophy is about more than just training. We can – if you require – provide direction around everything from nutrition and supplementation to recovery, mobility and lifestyle management.

Everything you need to succeed at endurance sport and beyond.

There’s a great saying: nobody needs a quarter inch drill; they need a quarter inch hole.

Meet Coach Matt

About Me

Triathlon ‘success’ didn’t come easy to me. I wasn’t born with an innate swimming, cycling and running ability. I wasn’t blessed with the stick thin natural physique of a champion runner. My V02 max is not freakishly off-the-chart and I don’t have unlimited time or resources to throw at training.

I finished my first triathlon 40kg overweight and in second-to-last position. However, in the years since, I’ve progressed to a front-of-pack age grouper through consistent hard work and smart, periodized training. And that appetite for training expertise has since become an obsession with the simple, daily improvements that together create big gains; as well as a more general and holistic approach to health and well being for me, my family, and my athletes.

In short, wherever you are on the triathlon ladder – taking your first steps, hoping to reach the top, or somewhere in between – I have likely been there.

Coaching experience
  • Qualified Level 2 (advanced) British Triathlon coach
  • Long history of swim coaching at both junior and masters levels
  • Qualified gym instructor
  • Led R2F boot camps in the United Arab Emirates
  • Coach regular sessions for Amsterdam Triathlon & Cycling Club, as well as devising and leading training for the annual ATAC training camp
  • Providing individualized coaching plans for runners and triathletes since 2014: from new runners and triathletes hoping to complete their first 10 miler, half marathon or even Ironman; to triathletes who regularly reach age group podiums and have Kona aspirations
  • Endurance Rebel Coaching launched in July 2015
As an athlete
  • 4 x Ironmans (IM Wales, IM Austria, Challenge Roth, IM Vichy) – fastest finish of 9:55
  • 6 x Half Ironman (70.3 Berlin, 70.3 Zell Am See, Half Challenge Almere, 70.3 Luxembourg, 2 x Half ICAN Amsterdam) – fastest finish of 4:17
  • Multiple podium and top 10 finishes at local sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and endurance swim races, everywhere from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam
  • The famed Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge (6 day adventure race including kayaking, MTBing and overnight desert marathons)
  • The Rat Race Dirty Weekend (world’s longest obstacle course race held annually in the UK)
  • Thames Trot 50 mile ultramarathon (8:15 finish time)

“Wherever you are on the triathlon ladder – taking your first steps, hoping to reach the top, or somewhere in between – I have likely been there.”

Are you ready?